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How Competing on Price is Killing Your Dance Career" The Ugly Truth About Low-Priced Dance Lessons”

How Competing on Price is Killing Your Dance Career “The Ugly Truth About Low-Priced Dance Lessons”

To thrive as a professional dance instructor, you must avoid the trap of price competition at all costs. While it may seem like a good thing for the community at large that more people are becoming dance instructors, this trend is actually having a negative effect on the dance business as a whole.

Attractacting students


To attract students, many new teachers lower their rates at the beginning of their careers. The long-term health of the dance instruction industry is threatened by the ensuing price erosion. These new instructors contribute to the depreciation of dance lessons and create a cycle of lower prices by delivering classes for free or at a considerably reduced rate.



Discounting your courses to increase enrollment may seem like a good idea at the time, but it could end up hurting your professional standing in the long run. To make ends meet as a teacher, you’ll need to be able to charge a competitive rate for your services. Trying to undercut the competition on price will force you to put in extra time and teach more classes.


Teachers who try to undercut their competitors on pricing typically have less money to put toward their own professional development. This implies they don’t have the training and experience to be effective educators, which can lead to subpar lessons and a failure to instill good technique in their charges. The dance community as a whole could suffer if this became the norm, since students might become more focused in learning showy combinations than in developing their technical skills.

Investing in yourself


Much time and effort should be spent on one’s own training and education before entering the profession of dance instructor. If you invest in yourself by learning as much as possible, you’ll be in a position to give lessons of excellent quality and charge competitive rates. You’ll be able to make a great impact on the dance world while also establishing a solid career as a dance instructor.

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In conclusion, if you’re a dance instructor, competing based on price is a short-sighted strategy that will backfire. You may have a positive impact in the dance world by making an investment in your education and setting reasonable rates for your services as a dance instructor. Keep in mind that the quality of your lessons, not their cost, will determine their success.

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