Dance Drills

23 class
Replays $50

Afro Cuban
Replays $40




December 10th

10:00 L.A.
12:00 pm Mexico
13:00 NY (Chile)
19:00 Italy & Spain
20:00 Turkey(kiev) Israel

Selene Tovar is currently one of the most popular female dance figures in the international world of Salsa. Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Selene moved to Mexico City to immerse herself in the world of music.
In 2004 she began her studies there in Latin percussion, and in 2008 she made the decision to leave the music side and pursue her passion for dance. With no previous dance experience she began her Salsa dance training with “Our Mambo Dance Project”, a dance company directed by Miguel Angel Castillo. Her professional dance career began soon thereafter, as she started performing and teaching at local events and festivals around Mexico collaborating with Ruben Lee.
2010 marks the start of the second stage of her dance career when she partnered with world renowned Rodrigo Cortazar. Their unique musical partnering style quickly gained them popularity and by 2011 they started having international impact as they participated in various Salsa congresses and festivals around the world. Selene and Rodrigo were met with great acceptance in countries such as the US, Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Croatia, China, Singapore, Germany, London (UK) Bangkok (Thailand) Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, China, and Japan.
Selene Tovar has been a judge in several top international competitions, including the World Salsa Festival in Cali, Colombia.
Selene’s growth as a professional Salsa dancer can be attributed to her working closely with some of the most influential salsa instructors such Eddie Torres, Tito and Tamara, Franklin Diaz, Juan Matos and Adolfo Indacochea.
Presently Selene is living in New York City and has collaborated with Eddie Torres, Franklin Diaz and Arieh Alexander as she continues her training in Salsa as well as other dance styles.
In addition to her dancing, Selene has contributed to some of the most important dance festivals in Mexico as an Artistic Director. These projects include Salsa Mambo Fest, 2b Inspired Festival, Express Latin and the newest project she is working on JUST4U.