Dance Drills

The Social Dancing Club Intermediate


Online Program by World Champions Gabriela Equiz and Armando Dr. Bachata.

Salsa On1, Salsa On2, Bachata

Cha Cha Cha,  Merengue. Cumbia.

Live classes and recorded.


The Social Dancing Club Intermediate

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🚨  ONLINE PARTNERING Fundamentals and Technique PROGRAM!🚨

By World Salsa and Bachata Champions 

Gabriela Equiz and Armando Dr. Bachata

Live and recorded Classes,  Footwork, Partnering and Styling for social dancing. 

Detailed explanation of : 

Timing for different Rhythms 

Lead & Follow techniques 🤝

Spin Techniques 🌀

Styling options for every move

Body Movement 🕺

Dance Safety 🛑

Functional Musicality 🎶

Functionality & Styling for Social  🌟

… and of course, integrating all these with some jaw-dropping combinations on rhythms like:

🔹 Salsa ON1

🔹 Salsa ON2

🔹 Cha Cha Cha

🔹 Bachata

🔹 Cumbia

📅 Here’s what you can expect:

– 4 Classes a month.

– Every class is a 2-Hour long intense sessions.

– Every class recorded in sections  for your convenience.

What makes our classes stand out is our unwavering commitment to a structured syllabus, focusing on the FUNDAMENTALS of lead and follow specifically tailored for social dancing. 📚💡