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Bachata Musicality Intensive Program


Bachata Musicality Intensive Program

The Secret to Bachata Musicality Like it has never been explained before!

3 experts in the field

9 Hours of Class

HD Recordings you can keep for 30 days.

Bachata Musicality Intensive Program

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Participants in this program will learn about Music applied to Dance Theory as well as practice exercises that will enable them to develop an in-depth understanding of how sound, instruments, and structure are used in bachata music and how to properly incorporate these elements into social dancing, choreograph for performance, and prepare to score highly on musicality, timing, and stage presence criteria.


Carlos Cinta

The creator of the international bestselling DVD series Bachata Thrillogy, is a bachata dance instructor and teacher of bachata musicality workshops worldwide.

Gabriela Equiz

International Judge, coach and world champion in Salsa and Bachata. A former musician and guitarist with professional experience as a songwriter and performer. Recording artist ( singer) with Warner Brothers Giant Records and Primo Records (Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Mario Quintero).

Eduardo Gonzalez

Over 30 years of pedagogy experience in music theory applied to dance, as a faculty member at Mexico's most prestigious arts and dance universities