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Alma Latina Summer Camp 2023


The Alma Latina Summer Camp will take place from July 17th to 22nd, 2023 ūüďÖ In Tijuana.¬†


 Full Pass $250 USD


60 Hours of Class

Evening Pass: $200 USD

Including 24 Hours of class  Starting at 6:00 pm Monday through friday and 10 am on saturday

Day Pass: $50 USD

Including all the classes during the day you choose from monday 17th to Saturday 22nd

90 Minute Class: $30 USD

Includes one 90min class such as Alma Latina Bootcamp or Salsa Bootcamp by E. Jarquin .

60 Minute Class $20 USD

Includes One regular 60 min class during the Summer Camp.

All passes include the Frontera Festival with socials, performances, and the pool party.



Alma Latina Summer Camp 2023

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Summer Camp  Classes includes: 

12 hour Technique Bootcamp By Gabriela Equiz

9 Hour Salsa roots intensive program by Enrique Jarquín

9 Hour Tricks and acrobatics technique bootcamp by Frine and Jorge

6 Hour Choreography Bootcamp by : Yared Martínez, Diana Ramírez, Alexa Valadez, and Martín González. 

Master Classes in : 

Bachata Musicality: Gabriela Equiz

Bachata Tradicional:  Armando Dr.Bachata. 

Bachata Sensual : Luis Mujica 

Progressive Ballet Technique Lizbeth Carrillo

Waacking: Jorge Madera. 

Contemporary:  Mathew Armstrong

Heels:  Karen Martinez

Exotic : Stephanie Carre√Īo

Stage Presence: Gabriela Equiz

Danzón: Alex Reyza 

Master Classes and Conferences by Salsa Bachata University And Bellas Artes Faculty : 

History of Salsa and Bachata : 

Mapa Etno-Musical de la salsa y la bachata. 

How to prevent injuries in salsa and bachata dancing

Musical Analysis  of Afro Latin Rhythms 


join us for a transformative experience immersed in the vibrant world of Latin dance. Our festival offers 60 hours of highly technical, educational, and culturally aware instruction, designed to deepen your understanding and appreciation of salsa and bachata as more than just music and dance.

Throughout the event, we aim to create awareness of the historical and cultural implications of these art forms. Engage in thought-provoking documentaries and be inspired by our keynote speakers, as they shed light on the rich heritage and significance of salsa and bachata. Gain a profound appreciation for the cultural value they hold and their impact on communities around the world.

But it’s not just about knowledge and learning – it’s about celebration and joy! Get ready for a week filled with music, captivating shows, and exhilarating night parties where you can dance and immerse yourself in the contagious rhythms of salsa and bachata. Feel the energy and embrace the spirit of these dances as you connect with fellow participants who share your passion.

Our festival goes beyond just dance classes and workshops. We are committed to offering an educational and quality approach, providing elite training sessions, thought-provoking documentaries, insightful interviews, and valuable information for dancers, teachers, choreographers, and anyone interested in the world of Latin rhythms. Together, we aim to build a conscious and united dance community, promoting professionalism, integrity, respect for culture, and ethical practices within the dance industry.

Come and be part of this incredible journey at FONTERA SALSA & BACHATA FESTIVAL. Elevate your dance skills, broaden your cultural understanding, and experience a week-long celebration of body culture. Let passion, flavor, and learning intertwine as you embrace the magic of Latin rhythms.

Get ready to dance without limits and transcend beliefs. Join us and let’s create unforgettable memories together!

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Full Pass, Evenings, Day pass, One hour Class, 90 minute class