Dance Drills

1 class

23 classes $50



Salsa Fusion

Sept 3rd

10:00 L.A.
12:00 pm Mexico
13:00 NY (Chile)
19:00 Italy
20:00 Turkey(kiev) Israel

Marta Khanna is a professional internationally known female artist .
She has been dancing salsa for 14 years also she dances other styles…
Marta Khanna had a dream to dance from the time she start walking but never a chance to professionally dancing until she was 19 then she opened for herself salsa dancing and few years after she made an audition for a backup dancing for one famous Ukrainian singer Gaytana . She worked with Gaytana and others singers traveling and performing everywhere in Ukraine and many places abroad during that time she starts learning other then salsa dance style , soon she will join hip hop team for 2 years , will be invited in deferent projects as a choreographer for other dancers . In 2011 she performed her first salsa solo in Turkey Congress and opened her talent to salsa world , same year a little later she start dancing with Ramon Morales traveling all Europe performing, doing competitions and teaching salsa LA . She choreographed for “You think you can dance “ show in Ukraine in 2014 and “Dancing with stars” in 2019. In 2015 years she understood that she wants more in dance and she went to learn to NYC . She took hundreds of classes in different styles also get an opportunity to work as a solo performer in USA … And Marta started work all over the world as a teacher of many styles , performer of different styles. Her ability to explain hard things easy to people is amazing also her classes are very inspiring . In her work she not only focus in teaching moves but in explaining all the movement even thoughts person has to think to get they move faster .
Marta wAs one of dancers in the movie “Shine”
Now she is more in Yoga and improvisations techniques .