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What Our Students Have to Say

40*40 is the next best thing to training with Alma Latina in person. This series was so timely as I was wondering how to keep up training during lockdown. The times were perfect as I could join right after work, getting two or three hours  of dance for the day. It was amazing to get access to those Alma artists I usually see on YouTube or from a mile away at congress stages lol. So super helpful that we could ask specific questions to instructors and get 1 on 1 time. These classes became kinda mentoring time for me over time. The syllabus showed what I have to focus on and it was insightful to see what the instructors emphasize on. Though I have taken Alma workshops prior , the online experience felt much more intimate with nothing  to distract from the lesson being taught. The cost was fantastically affordable. The classes were well organized with constant technical and lingual support. Definitely my Spanish has improved after these classes. I hope you continue the online classes post Covid also and there are other runs and series from Alma. Mucho gracias !

Herbert Roy George
From Atlanta, 🇺🇸
Yo siento que haber tomado estas clases ha sido de mis mejores decisiones para continuar aprendiendo. Desde hace años sigo y admiro a varios profesores de este programa y fue muy emocionante tomar cada clase. Cada sesión fue muy personalizada, con explicaciones muy detalladas de cada paso (lo cual me ha dado otra perspectiva de mis movimientos), y es una gran ventaja que quede la grabación de las mismas, lo cual permite disponer del horario que mejor convenga. Adicionalmente, todos los docentes están dispuestos a atender dudas incluso después de haber concluido la clase, lo cual da un gran valor agregado al servicio que ofrecen. De verdad, muchas gracias por esta idea en estos momentos tan complejos. Espero que esta iniciativa no deje de evolucionar, lo positivo de los momentos críticos, es que nos obliga a reinventarnos. Un saludo desde Nicaragua y no dejemos de bailar
Yara Aleman
Desde Nicaragua 🇳🇮
Hola a todos, vivo en Italia y por la zona horaria, no pude seguir las classes en vivo ... Pero, aun asi , ¡hice todas las classes  y me gustaron  mucho!  Gracias a Gaby y a todo lo staff de Alma Latina, eres única y espero poder tomar otras classes contigo en el futuro

Barbara Corsi
From Italy 🇮🇹
Thank you so much!! These classes were exceptional! All of the instructors were absolutely amazing and classes so full of energy. I really learned a lot and liked the personal feedback throughout the class to be able to identify the moves that I need to work on to become a better dancer. There was a lot of technique shown, that I will now be practicing at home! 🙂 Hope you will continue to provide online classes!!
April Santucci
From Quebec, CA 🇨🇦