Dance Drills

Friné Garrey (Frine García Reyes)
Graduated at Choreography

She was born in Mexico City in 1987. Her first dance approach was with Quetzalcoatl Folk Ballet in 1995. She began her Art tudies at Art Education Centre “Luis Spota Saaverdra” where she studied Drama. Later She studied at National Folk Dance School in 2004. Later in 2017, she finished her studies at National School of Classical and Contemporary Dance where she graduated as a Choreographer. During her academy art development she approached to the study of dance techniques involving miscellaneous dance styles including Urban and Folk. This dance techniques influenced her art formation meaningfully, concluding in the creation of the dance company “Urban Folk Dance Mexico” which focuses its training in various dance techniques and its principal work line is “acrobatic dance”.

Frine Garrey, national and international champion of Acrobatic Quebradita, has represented Mexico in some of the most important Dance Conferences in Mexico and The U.S.A.

Currently, she presides the Commission of Quebradita at Metropolitan Sports Dance Association (AMEDABA.AC) which is afiliated to The Mexican Federation Of Dance and Sports Dance (FMByDD) ,this one being one of the most active associations in the country, and the World Dance Sports Federation.