Dance Drills

Week 1

Yared Martinez
Jessica Quiles
Desiree Godsell
Alicia Velazco
Gabriel Di Marzo
Johana Palhua
Judith Cordero
Amneris Martinez
Gabriela Equiz
Addy Mendoza
Almendra Navarrete

Week 2

Melany Crystal
Maria Ramos
Lorenita Andrade
Anita Santos
Sara Panero
Estefy Peña
Selene Tovar
Nahir Romero
Ezgui Zaman
Ana Saoco
Michelle Morales

Week 3

Chiara Tofani
Simona Buanano
Yaiza Melero
Tamara Livolsi
Kiri Chapman
Denisse Cambria
Carine Morais
Lucero Huitron
Sophie Fox
Arlette Guerra
Emily Alabi
Regan Hirose

Born in Miami with an Argentinean heritage, Denisse has accomplished many of her life goals starting with becoming one of the most well-known and recognized “Salsa” dancers in Florida, USA. She has taught and performed with many top dance companies including Shaka Brown, Jayson Molina, Al “Liquidsilver”, Casa Salsa Dance Studio, Salsa Lovers Dance Studio, Project Generation, Energy One, Salsa Heatwave and Salsa Mia. She also competed at the ESPN World Salsa Championships with her partner Alfredo DiNatale.

In 2010, Denisse also trained and taught ballroom dancing at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Coral Gables, Florida for 4 years. She competed professionally with her American Rhythm partner, Luis Lopez, making finals in Rising Star Pro and Open Rhythm Pro competitions. She has entertained and shared her knowledge and experiences in many places around the world like: Japan, Aruba, Peru, Canada, Argentina, Italy, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, New York, Michigan, Texas, Illinois, and many more.

Meanwhile dancing salsa and ballroom, Denisse’s Argentinean culture inspired her to learn and perform the very passionate native dance, Argentine Tango. Denisse and her partner Luis Vivas performed and entertained for 9 years in all local events in Miami.

Last but not least, for more knowledge and training, Denisse moved to Milan, Italy to train with Euphoria Dance Company and then moved to New York in 2014 to dance for Yamulee Dance Company under the direction of Osmar Perrones. Now, she competes in large teams, small teams and salsa couple cabaret, the top 3 most difficult world salsa categories.

After a total of 14 years of dancing salsa, she continues to enrich her craft with her partner Ernesto Bulnes also a former dancer of Yamulee Dance Company while pursuing her dreams in salsa dancing.