Dance Drills

1 class

23 classes $50

Amneris Martinez

Puerto Rico

Mambo Fusion

Aug 28th

11:00 L.A.
13:00 pm Mexico
14:00 NY (Chile)
20:00 Italy
21:00 Turkey(kiev) Israel

Amneris Martinez is a Puerto Rican dancer known for her originality and flavor, also known as “sabrosura”. At the age of 5, she began dancing ballet, jazz and Puerto Rican folklore at Yuly Mayoral Dance Academy- a historic dance school in Ponce, Puerto Rico. These are just a few genres from the many she has trained in.
Amneris has taken her art all over the world for the past 20 years, dancing at the most renowned Latin dance festivals. Amneris believes that dancing is the expression of your emotions and personality. She also believes dance does not have to fit a specific pattern, but rather expresses what you feel in the moment.
Throughout her career, Amneris partook in groups such as, Sabor Latino and the famous, Papa Tambor. When she was 16 years old she was featured in the movie, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.
Amneris is also a World Champion: Puerto Rico, 2001 and Spain, 2010.
In addition to being a solo artist, she has had the pleasure of collaborating with Juan Matos, Frank Santos , Falco Benalcazar and Adolfo Indacochea.

During Amneris’s travels, she has developed her ability to bring together many cultures, styles, and techniques, allowing her to provide a unique experience for her students and peers.A